How many times do you hear yourself saying “I’ve got to get rid of this stupid tattoo”? Whether it was a poor choice of design, or an unprofessional “hiccup” on part of the artist, some tattoos should never see the light of day. And until some Japanese scientists come up with a time machine, the only viable option is tattoo removal.

You could have your own reasons why do you want your tattoo removed:

  • A relationship that went bad and now you are stuck with your Ex’s name
  • You don’t like the outcome
  • You don’t like the design. (Maybe having a few, impaired your decision?!)
  • It doesn’t suit your status anymore. (New job, personal appearance etc.)

Obviously there could be dozens of reasons why to remove a tattoo, but the question is:

How Fast Do You Want Your Tattoo Removed?


Tattoo removal cream

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From my experience with tattoo creams, I know that it works surprisingly well. The results may vary, depending on a few criteria: the complexion of your skin, the colors used for your tattoo and how deep and “well” you were inked. Although the tattoos are not 100% removed, there are many people who had a good experience with tattoo removal creams:

Pros and cons:

  • Its much cheaper then laser tattoo removal
  • No pain what so ever
  • It takes longer to get results (multiple applications needed)
  • Not appropriate for everyone


Laser tattoo removal

Most tattooists would say that laser is the only way to remove a tattoo. (It is best to consult with your doctor before you start)

Laser tattoo removal – before and after

Pros and cons:

  • More expensive then other tattoo removal methods
  • It might leave a mark or a lighter/darker skin color where your tattoo used to be
  • It’s painful (at list as getting a tattoo)
  • It gets the job DONE (Sometimes in more then one session)

It would probably be the best for you to do some background check on laser tattoo removal clinics in your area.

We all have things in life that we regret on (If you don’t, you probably had NO LIFE) – Tattoos could be one of them. It is mostly the design that we feel bad about, and not necessarily the act of getting a tattoo in the first place – many people are happy with their tattoos. Luckily, with today’s advanced technology, we can make the irreversible reversible and gain a new look.

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What are the easier tattoo designs/colours to remove?
How much does tattoo removal usually cost?


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  1. i have tattoos covering my arm.i have been going to get them off too the process is very slow.i pay one hundred dollars each time i go.i have been going over a year they are fading. they do mine the same way as getting a tattoo put on.i can only go every six weeks so if you know anything faster or cheaper would like to hear from you .

  2. i want to remove my tatoo which is in my left much it wil cost its lenghth is 6 inch

  3. Really the most important issue that we see a lot of people face down is the cost. If you can swing it a good laser removal is the most effective, but that costs a good chunk of change.

  4. I think laser removal beats cream anytime, but that is only what I prefer.