I heard that people get gun tattoos when they have survived an attempted murder. Or it might just be when women get tattoos that it means they have survived the attempt. I am not from a gun culture, so I have no idea.

Is that why Rihanna just got one?

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What is the meaning of a gun tattoo? What does it symbolize? — No Comments

  1. That is an urban myth.
    I am sure some people have a tattoo like that, and for that reason.

    But for the most part, people have those because they think it looks cool.

    I know a number of people (including myself) who have survived such an attempt and none of us has a tattoo of a gun. Although we have many others.
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  2. The meaning of a tattoo depends on the individual. True, some people get them to symbolize having gotten shot. I know a lot of gang members get tattoos to symbolize the people they have killed, and in what way. Some people just get them to look BA. There is no one universal meaning.
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  3. I’m not sure what the lore behind it is but I know why most people get one…. they like guns and the idea of a gun tattoo. A tiger is meant to symbolize some one to be fierce and strong but now it just means they like tigers.
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