The natural elegant curves of the dragon have a flow that fit the body. It adds a sexy – strong look to the appearance.

Tribal dragon tattoos are perfect for lower or upper back, armband or leg – another reason why they are so popular among tattoo lovers all over the world.

Tribal dragon tattoos - guy shoulderTribal dragon tattoos - scary dragonTribal dragon tattoos – a girl’s hip

So, what’s the story with them dragons anyway?

“Them dragons” had for centuries decorated people. The super natural power of that magnificent creature makes a bold statement – in a form of a tattoo. The natural elegant curves of the dragon have a flow that fit the body.

Tribal Dragon tattoos - sideways designTribal Dragon tattoos - 4 dragonsTribal Dragon tattoos - winged dragon

The meaning of the dragon changes from place to place. In the western culture they are reputable for being evil, powerful and aggressive – something that made them fearsome and respected.

In the east they are a royal symbol for, protection, wisdom, fortune and good luck (Japanese and Chinese Mythology).

Tribal Dragon tattoos – upper backTribal Dragon tattoos – lower backTribal Dragon tattoos – Ankle

What kind of tribal dragon tattoo should I go for?

Dragons were major role players in both eastern and western mythology. They left a mark in the hearts and memories of many generations.

You should know; tribal dragon tattoos have many variations and they will most probably mean and relate differently to each and every one of us. When you chose a design – make sure it suits your character.
Here are some examples that I added just for all of you tattoo lovers out there. Asian dragon tattoo designs, tribal dragon tattoos and more.

Dragon tattoo designs Asian dragon on arm Dragon tattoo designs girl belly Dragon tattoo designs guy full shoulder

What’s your idea of a dragon tattoo design?

The word “Dragon” (from Greek) is a description of the red or yellow sparks coming out of the eyes of the creature. Some dragon tattoo designs have multiple colors in them; it depends on the creativity and the desire of the designer.


Dragon tattoo designs - red dragon full back Asian dragon tattoo designs – full back Dragon tattoo designs - Red and black tribal dragon
ost probably, different designs of tribal dragon tattoos will have different meanings. You should pay special attention to the shape of the eyes, when you browse through images.

Would you mind adding extra SEXINESS to your appearance?

The meaning of the dragon changes as you move around the globe. In the west, dragons are reputable for being aggressive and powerful. One more reason for the respect they are getting.

Choosing the right design for yourself, a “powerful” design, which will flow naturally with your body lines and complexion – will definitely “reward your appearance” with some of the attributes.

Dragon tattoo designs Chinese dragon Dragon tattoo designs dragon rose Dragon tattoo designs Dragon armband

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