Designing a tattoo is probably the best way to end up with the most unique tattoo design. I know, I definitely don’t want to see my tattoos on other people. This is not a pair of jeans that you toss at the end of the day. When you create a tattoo yourself, you have all the elements you want – because you created it!

Don’t forget that tattoos are permanent and they often reflect a part of your personality. Take your time and put a lot of thought into it. After all, you are going to live with your tats for the rest of your life. Carefully planning your tattoo before you go under the needle is extremely important to getting the results you really want.


As you probably know, there are a million and one tattoo designs on the Internet. On this website alone, you can find many tattoo pictures to start your creative juices flowing. Check out these videos, jam-packed with original tattoo ideas:

However, if you want to save hours of boring search, you should definitely consider investing a small amount on premium tattoo galleries. These professional websites have thousands of amazing designs (and you will be pleasantly surprised how cheap they are). Take a look at our tattoo galleries review page here.

Alternately, you can work with a tattoo artist, get some ideas from friends, or look in magazines for a picture that inspires you. If you can draw well – you can even make your own tattoo art from scratch.

The Design

There are many different styles and techniques you can use to create your own tattoo – from the basic design, down to the colors, the size and the location you are about to place it on.

This is your most personal decision. Since you know yourself better then anyone else, you would have to choose a tattoo designs that will ‘describe’ you in the best way. You have to think of yourself not only in the present, but in the future too. Think about thing that were always apart of you or things that will always be.

Because you can’t find two people that are 100% alike, this will insure a more personal tattoo – designing a tattoo that will be just yours. Consider what is important to you and what kinds of art you can identify with.

The Size

This is all about proportions. When you create your own tattoo design, you have to make sure that the design will be just about the right size; not too big and not too small. For example:

  • Armband tattoos are usually more subtle then shoulder tattoos.
  • Large tattoos are more appropriate for the upper or lower back.
  • Private parts should be inked with delicate designs.

Choosing the right size is hugely important, and you should make double and triple sure before you continue with the actual drawing of the design.

design your own tattoos“Aspiring tattoo artist guide” by Tim B. Miller is a great book that I just recently discovered. It will teach you about proper shading, outlining and how to draw tattoos better. It also has other important info, if you want to become a great tattooist or know how to spot one.

Click Here if you want to learn how to create your own tattoos.

On part 2 of this “Make a tattoo” series I will further explain how to actually draw the tattoo, add details and shading, and how to prepare the stencil for the tattoo artist to use.

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How To Make a Tattoo - Drawing a Tattoo Like a Pro (Part 2)


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  1. some people may come up with a tattoo of something that has hapend to them. then you turn around and see that other people are getting that tattoo some people just want to get a tat that not everyone gets when they see it. cause they take ideas that are not theres and makes people mad so you should really come up with your own idea and with memmories that has hapend to you once in your life time.. or someone that you lost that you loved a hole lot.. just something you want to have on your body for the rest of your life.. thank you for reading this..♥ love kayla van meter

  2. how deep does the needle need to go in the skin so the tattoo can come out good and not leave any wounds