My friend and I are going to get tattoos this weekend and have nooo idea how much to tip them. Help!

I tip 20%. That’s $10 for a $50 tattoo, $20 for a $100 tattoo, and so on.

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id like to get a tattoo on my foot....does anyone know how sore it is to get done?
I'm planning to join the navy but I'm not sure whats the limit on how many tattoos u could have?


How much should you tip a tattoo artist? — No Comments

  1. depends on what you get, if its a really skilled artist you should tip more than 20%
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  2. I’d tip them $35-$50 dollars depending on your satisfactory level, how much time it took, how well you like the artist as well as the job too. I personally never have tipped less then $50 dollars. But then again it is your discretion but I highly recommend that you do not tip below 20 percent.
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  3. tip by how you feel they did ..

    did you like the work & final result?
    were they nice about working with you ahead?

    I tipped $30 for my $110 tattoo ..

    and I just got one today that was $80, I tipped her $20

    go 20% for sure, but do what you feel is right …
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  4. Most people don’t tip, but when they do, the standard tip is twenty bucks. A percentage tip is out of reach for most people. But a slice of homeade cheescake is worth it’s weight in gold.
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    I’m a professional tattoo artist, 7 yrs.