I am getting two tattoos to represent each of my children. I want something completely unique (no names, birthdays, hand or foot prints, etc). What is the best advice that you can give to help me pick a unique and meaningful tattoo for my boys? I will probably design it myself and have someone draw it, but I just can’t think of the best way to represent them without having a tattoo that everybody else has. Thanks!

Focus on their personalities. What really stands out in each of them…

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Best advice when getting a tattoo to represent a child? — 9 Comments

  1. What about those precious moments figurines? You could get 2 precious moments boys turned into a tattoo. Take a picture of precious moments dolls in the positions you like, and take pictures of your boys, and bring those to your artist. That way be can better make the figurines tattoo look like your boys. Make sure you go to a really good artist, so he can get the essence of your boys in the design. Also, incorporate things they like into the tattoo. (ex. if they like basketball, have them playing basketball.)
    Good luck and have fun!
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  2. Focus on their personalities. What really stands out in each of them…
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  3. when you think of each child – in an abstract way, what most reminds you of them?!
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  4. Their favorite animals if they are not something stupid like a monkey. (No offense monkey lovers. They are just boring and dirty looking.)
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  5. My girlfriends dad has his families names tattooed on his forearm and it is a Cross with a red banner spinning loosely around it with his families names written on it as it goes around the cross, i thought it looked badass and caring for his family.
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  6. I’m real big into the zodiac so I’m getting my little girl’s zodiac sign to represent her (it’s cancer and instead of round circles they are going to be hearts).
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