Tribal Dragon Tattoos – The Coolest and most Unique Designs

The natural elegant curves of the dragon have a flow that fit the body. It adds a sexy – strong look to the appearance.

Tribal dragon tattoos are perfect for lower or upper back, armband or leg – another reason why they are so popular among tattoo lovers all over the world.

Tribal dragon tattoos - guy shoulder Tribal dragon tattoos - scary dragon Tribal dragon tattoos – a girl’s hip

So, what’s the story with them dragons anyway?

“Them dragons” had for centuries decorated people. The super natural power of that magnificent creature makes a bold statement – in a form of a tattoo. The natural elegant curves of the dragon have a flow that fit the body.

Tribal Dragon tattoos - sideways design Tribal Dragon tattoos - 4 dragons Tribal Dragon tattoos - winged dragon

The meaning of the dragon changes from place to place. In the western culture they are reputable for being evil, powerful and aggressive – something that made them fearsome and respected.

In the east they are a royal symbol for, protection, wisdom, fortune and good luck (Japanese and Chinese Mythology).

Tribal Dragon tattoos – upper back Tribal Dragon tattoos – lower back Tribal Dragon tattoos – Ankle

What kind of tribal dragon tattoo should I go for?

Dragons were major role players in both eastern and western mythology. They left a mark in the hearts and memories of many generations.

You should know; tribal dragon tattoos have many variations and they will most probably mean and relate differently to each and every one of us. When you chose a design – make sure it suits your character.

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