Japanese & Chinese Dragon Tattoos

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Duration : 0:1:41

[youtube gHZCVAyikLU]

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7 Responses to “Japanese & Chinese Dragon Tattoos”

  1. GTOstranger Says:

    I like Dragon …
    I like Dragon tattoo…!!!!

  2. KoreanDragon89 Says:

    the tattoo on 1:23 …
    the tattoo on 1:23 is hottt

  3. KoreanDragon89 Says:

    yea whats the name …
    yea whats the name of the TRACK????

  4. rosata Says:

    nice dragons!

    nice dragons!
    whats the track name? sounds cool!

  5. osaka2004 Says:

    i like 0:22 and 1: …
    i like 0:22 and 1:27 the best my tattoo is a dragon wraped around a sword on my back i got in beijing

  6. boogie8ball Says:

    i want one!
    i want one!

  7. gricelykev Says:

    awesome dragons!
    awesome dragons!

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